What's On Tap For You During American Craft Beer Week?


Beer is a beverage that is simple to make, and yet difficult to master. Breweries all over the world have sprung up, adding their own ingredients and flavors to the simple formula of water, barley, hops, and yeast. This week, we celebrate the craft beer brewers, who put a particular emphasis on flavor and taste.


American Craft Beer Week runs from May 12-18, and here in Connecticut, we have a wealth of breweries. The CT Beer Trail begins as far west as Stamford, reaches out east to Stonington and north to East Windsor. Many breweries along the trail offer tours, allowing patrons to see how the beer is made and what recipes set them apart from all other breweries. Some, like Two Roads in Stratford, have tasting rooms where customers can taste the seasonal beers on tap, bringing in local food trucks to supplement their beverages. Others, like Southport Brewing Co. in Southport, provide freshly brewed beer in a restaurant setting.


Regardless, you should support a local brewery this week. You may not know these beers as well as some of the most common options on tap, but this week, try a new ale or pilsner. You might be surprised with the results.


For more information on the CT Beer Trail, check out this link: http://ctbeertrail.net/page/breweries-1


Also, in case you missed it, Food & Wine did an article highlighting the best bars in America: http://bit.ly/1lu95LW

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