Teacher Appreciation Week

Teacher Appreciation WeekOnce a year, we celebrate the people who educate our younger generations. This year, an entire week is devoted to showing your teachers that you are grateful for what they do. Usually, people buy the same things for their teachers every year; candles/bath products, baked goods, and some combination of school/office supplies. At GiftFly, we think that a little more creativity should be utilized. What better way to show that you know your teacher than buying them an online gift card to their favorite coffee shop right down the street, or any of a number of local businesses? We have a few suggestions to ensure that your teacher feels appreciated:

Let’s continue with the coffee shop suggestion that I brought up in the first paragraph. Teachers get up at an incredibly early hour of the morning, in order to gather their bearings and prepare for the day ahead. Usually, that means little time for much of a breakfast. As long as they are getting something quick, why not give them a GiftFly for a local coffee shop with freshly brewed coffee and pastries? Nothing will make them feel more appreciated than a full-bodied hazelnut and that first bite of a warm chocolate chip muffin. They will have an infinitely better start to their morning than the usual instant coffee and day-old bagel.

Teachers’ jobs are incredibly stressful. Not only do they have to talk for upwards of eight hours per day; most nights they are taking their job home with them. Between grading tests, papers, preparing lesson plans and giving students extra help when necessary, teachers do not get much time to themselves. I have two suggestions for ways to help a teacher unwind after a long week of work. The first is to purchase a GiftFly to a local restaurant. GiftFly is a much more convenient way to purchase e-gift cards for any local business because it is fully customizable, and accessible at any time. One could purchase an online gift cards right before heading off to school.

My second suggestion for teacher relaxation is to purchase an e-gift card to the local spa. A teacher can get a massage, or any form or therapeutic treatment, and will likely come back to school, relaxed, refreshed, and re-energized.

spa gift cards

In the end, it is up to you to show your teacher how you appreciate them. All we ask is that when you do, you employ the easiest way to send an online gift card. GiftFly is available 24/7, and is the best way to send a gift on the fly.

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