GiftFly Demo at the 49th Stamford Tech Meetup

Recently we presented our free eGift card solution for local businesses at the 49th Stamford Tech Meetup. The meetup took place at the Stamford Innovation Center in downtown Stamford, Connecticut. It was a great night for networking, learning about emerging technologies and startups, and socializing. Every month techies in Fairfield County gather at the Innovation Center for this meetup which always includes a "Hack of the Month" and 3 demos from tech companies in the local area. Out of three presentations that night, we won for best demo!

Free Gift Card Widget: Your Link to Instant Revenue

Free Gift Card Widget: Your Link to Instant RevenueIf you have ever been on a website, you have definitely clicked on a button or used a widget more than once, and you are familiar with where it can lead a user on a website. Adding a widget can serve a variety of purposes on a given site. For example, you can start selling goods or services on your site by simply embedding a widget or  you can embed a social media widget to showcase your latest posts. At GiftFly, we provide local businesses with a free eGift card widget, gift card button and links because we know your business is worth gifting. The GiftFly widget allows your business to start offering social and mobile eGift cards in the matter of seconds. You can even customize the button to match your website's color scheme or create custom banners to promote your new 24/7 product.

5 Reasons to Start Selling eGift Cards

5 Reasons to Start Selling eGift CardsIt's 2014. Your small business needs to start selling eGift cards online because your business is worth gifting. eGifting is viral, you should catch it and see your business grow in revenue, customers, and success. We will tell you the top 5 reasons you need to start selling online gift cards for your business below:

How GiftFly Can Help Your Business: A Guide for Merchants

How GiftFly Can Help Your Business: A Guide for MerchantsIt is no secret that innovation is what drives the marketplace in business. The most successful companies are the ones that stand out from their competition. They have the “it factor” that brings in consumers, and more importantly, their money. Over the past 15 years, gift cards have become an increasingly prominent piece of commerce. In the age of the Internet, e-gifting has cornered its own section of this business, growing from $300 million in 2012 to an estimated $3 billion in sales in 2013. At GiftFly, we have come up with a way that allows you to sell gift cards in a way that was impossible before. It also provides you with new and innovative ways to market to your customer base. With GiftFly, you can truly set yourself apart from businesses that are vying for the same spot.

So, what exactly is GiftFly? We are an online gift card solution that allows your customers to buy gift cards to your business at all hours of the day. Consumers will buy a gift card in any amount, and the receiver will get his/her digital gift card via email, Facebook and/or text. They will then come into your business to redeem their eGift card, at which point you will scan it using our free QR-scanning app for merchants. We also set you up with an online merchant dashboard that allows you to track transactions and access customer information in real time. Finally, we provide you with the GiftFly widget so that you can embed a custom button that allows your customers to buy & send online gift cards from your own website as well as various signage materials to promote your new product.

Your New Favorite Online Gift Card Service Has Arrived!


Gift cards are a $100 billion-dollar industry for good reason: they are the primary present of the last-minute shopper, the go-to gift for the birthday forgetter and best option for when you have no idea what to get your mom for Mother's Day. However, traditional plastic gift cards tend to get lost or forgotten and so we always leave cash left on them.


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