Selling for Dads and Grads: Spend Summer on the Fly!

We know; you are still picking up the bright decorations from Mother's Day, but there are two more groups of people that your business has to sell to. If they have not already, thousands of students will be leaving their colleges and seeking employment. In addition, Father's Day is coming on June 21. Of course, every store front has their "Dads and Grads" banner out, but to get the customers and revenue that you want, your online gift cards need to offer something extra.

To explain how your business can do this, we will start with graduates. Nowadays, most college students do not magically leap from the classroom into a cubicle. There is a period of time where they will be on their laptops, searching the job boards for potential employment. Coffee shop owners should take advantage of this sudden wave of potential business by making their store friendly to recent graduates. Doing so is as simple as saying that with each GiftFly redemption, you can get a free item (example: with the purchase of a coffee, you get a free scone).

Graduates are also going to need new clothes for the seemingly endless amount of interviews that they will be going on, and the new jobs that they will be starting. If you own a clothing store, put yourself at the forefront of this revenue opportunity by offering discounts on dress clothing. Customers will definitely spend over the value of their gift card if they think that they are getting more for their money.

Finally, some students will not be going into the workforce immediately, opting instead to take some time and go into graduate school. This means, among other things, that more books will need to be bought. Bookstores can get in on this revenue by offering textbooks and test prep books at enough of a discount that it will give students a reason to pick your business over the larger chains.



With dads, the key is creativity. Fathers are tired of being given the same old socks every year. Most of the time, what they really want to do is one thing: get up early, and hit the golf course. If you own a golf course and are searching for a way to get a lot of dads on the tee box, offer something like a 2 round-for-1 deal. The value alone will bring in a lot of old, loyal customers, who will bring their friends (and potential new customers) and spread the word about your course.

After a long day on the links, not much goes better than a nice steak dinner. Your restaurant can cater specifically to dads, offering meal packages exclusively for fathers, or their families. It can be a fixed menu, a discount, or anything that you think will drive more sales and traffic to your business.

Summer represents a lot of opportunities for revenue, and the selling begins now. This is your time to be creative, get your name out there, and integrate yourself into the community.


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