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Corporate Gifting: Show Employees That You Really Care!

Corporate Gifting: Show Employees That You Really Care!Rewarding employees, clients, partners or anyone in your network is one of the easiest ways to boost morale and thank someone for a job well done. A gift, however small it may seem, is about the gesture as well as the price tag. Before we go any further, make sure to consult the policy of your company as it pertains to gifts. Many businesses allow gift-giving; however, there are IRS-enforced limitations on how much the gift can cost. When giving a gift, make sure to adhere to these guidelines.

Revenue on the Cutting Edge: Why You Should Offer eGift Cards Now!

Revenue on the Cutting Edge: Why You Should Offer eGift Cards Now!GiftFly conducted a wide small-to-medium sized business survey to confirm that every business should offer eGift cards and to better understand the needs of the local small business owner. Over one hundred "owners or managers of a small-to-medium business" answered our survey throughout nine regions in the U.S. Most importantly, we asked them, "What Features Make You Want to Add GiftFly's eGift Card Solution." 

PROST! Celebrate Oktoberfest on the Fly!

Happy Oktoberfest! In Germany, Oktoberfest is a 16-day festival leading up to the first Sunday in October. This Bavarian tradition has been around for over 200 years, celebrating the wedding of Crown Prince Ludwig (later King Ludwig I) to Princess Therese. Bars, pubs, and breweries across the country are celebrating with their own festivals, centered around a few things: beer, food, and fun with friends. To find an Oktoberfest celebration near you, check out They are a social network and ticket seller for beer festivals across the country, so you are bound to find at least one nearby!

Long-Distance Gifting: Gifts Across the Universe

purle-local-global-mapThere are a variety of ways that people can stay in touch in this age, and it all can find its roots in one common thread: the Internet. Through social media, a person in New York can talk to someone in London just as easily as they can talk to the person in the next apartment. Giving someone a gift is no different. An eGift card can go to anyone, anywhere, at any time with GiftFly. Whether it is family, a child away at school, or even a long-distance significant other, GiftFly creates an option to give a gift with a personal touch, even if you cannot deliver the gift personally.

Enjoying GiftFly? Refer your fellow business owners!

Enjoying GiftFly? Refer your fellow business owners!At this point, it is obvious that GiftFly is bringing you new revenue streams and is helping to sell gift cards on your website. Why not spread that knowledge around? Your colleagues are probably looking at you and wondering, "How can I sell eGift cards for my business?" You can help them make more money, AND we will offer you a bonus for your referral!

We Have a New Partner!

We Have a New Partner!We are excited to announce that we will be working with Macaroni Kid-Greenwich to Westport in the near future! We will be extending our reach by catering to the moms in the Fairfield County area, giving them full access to events and businesses in the area as well as providing you with the opportunity to win GiftFly eGift cards to frequent mom hotspots in Fairfield County! We are looking forward to working with Macaroni Kid, and bringing Fairfield County moms the best option for their eGift card buying needs!

Email Marketing: Make Promotions That Pop!


Welcome Snoh Ice Shavery!

Welcome Snoh Ice Shavery!We would like to welcome Snoh Ice Shavery to the GiftFly Family! Check them out at their website, and buy their gift cards on GiftFly now! 

Fall into GiftFly this September!

Fall into GiftFly this September!Labor Day has come and gone, which means that we are just about to get into Fall. With the advent of autumn brings a who new array of places to go and things to do with your GiftFly online gift card! Enjoy the fall season with these activities that you can do- On-the-Fly!

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