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Easter Promotions for Local Businesses

This coming weekend, your business has a tremendous opportunity to capitalize on potential revenue. Local businesses of every type should be taking advantage of the Easter holiday weekend. Easter is a holiday that is also associated with the spring season. Your business can prepare a few strategies to help prepare for the weekend. We have a few ideas to share for different industries. If you have any tips for Easter promotions, please share them in the comments below!

Smartphone is the New Wallet: Digital Payment Services

egift card solution

Spring into New Revenue!

Margarita with lime in a margarita glass.Warm weather is (hopefully) on the way, and with it will come a new attitude among potential consumers. Especially given the pattern of constant snowstorms that has made up the winter, people are simply going to want to get out of their homes. A lot of promotions are possible because of the advent of spring, and your business can certainly take advantage. We will outline a few strategies here, but as we always stress, find ways to be different and unique.

A Road Map to Your Revenue Pot of Gold

March is here, which usually means one thing: all of the business that comes with St. Patrick’s Day. GiftFly wants you to bring in as many customers and make as much money as possible. Think of this as your personal rainbow, which will lead you to your pot of gold.

Quick Hits: 5 Ways to Make Your Business Different

Your business simply will not grow if you are the same as your competition. It is something that we have been preaching at GiftFly for months, and it is a fundamental tool in what will get your revenue into the black. Now, if you are a restaurant or bar, we have five suggestions that will get you the push that you need, and give your business a reputation that can only bring in more customers.

A Parade of Consumers: Mardi Gras Marketing


How to Promote Your eGift Cards for Valentine's Day 2015

Valentine’s Day is all about love and let's not forget, gifts. Can you believe the average annual Valentine's Day spending is over $13 Billion?! Cut yourself a piece of that pie by effectively promoting your products and services to your customer base and beyond. Today we're going to talk about eGift cards in particular because an eGift card is something your business can add in seconds to sell more on this special occasion and year-round.

Big Game Theory: Marketing for a Football Game

Sporting events are one of the best ways that people will be attracted to your business. People love to gather together, watch their favorite team compete, and enjoy an atmosphere with similar rooting interests. One thing that we have always talked about on the GiftFly blog is being different. To get more customers, you need to offer something that your competition is not. Every bar and restaurant has a score box pool. Doing simply that is not going to bring you the revenue that you want.

What will get people in the door? We will start with one word: PROMOTION. No one will come to your business if they do not know that you are offering something to them. Get signage out in your storefront, email everyone on your list, and make sure that the word is out: You are having the event of the century, and it should not be missed. That is your message, and drumming up interest will bring in your business.

The Importance of Social Media Listening

As we have said in previous blog entries, social media is the trend that savvy marketers are chasing currently. We have given you some basic strategies for social media marketing, and told you how to prepare your marketing strategy for the coming year.

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