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Merchant of the Week: Kayak St. Augustine

Kayak St Augustine

Connecting the Dots: QR Codes Explained

We have all seen them on advertisements in the streets; a white square with a seemingly random collection of black squares and dots inside. QR codes (short for "quick response") are able to fit a large amount of data into a tiny space. Codes are scanned through a cell phone, and lead the user to either a website, app download, or discount code (among other uses).

Selling for Dads and Grads: Spend Summer on the Fly!

We know; you are still picking up the bright decorations from Mother's Day, but there are two more groups of people that your business has to sell to. If they have not already, thousands of students will be leaving their colleges and seeking employment. In addition, Father's Day is coming on June 21. Of course, every store front has their "Dads and Grads" banner out, but to get the customers and revenue that you want, your online gift cards need to offer something extra.

Merchant of the Week: Sanctuary Massage and Facial Spa


GiftFly's Tips for Mother's Day

If you own a business that sells clothing, books, or any general kind of gifts, you are probably in for a big week of extra revenue. Mother's Day is coming up, and your business is likely prepared for the rush of daughters, sons and significant others that will be looking to purchase something for the special mothers in their lives. Getting the most out of the customer experience is the best way for you to make money from this holiday. At GiftFly, we have combed the Internet, looking for the promotions that we think will garner your business as much foot traffic (and ensuing revenue) as possible.

Merchant of the Week: Jack's BBQ


Merchant of the Week: Señor Mango's


GiftFly's Tips for Administrative Professionals' Day

Your business runs on logistics. Somewhere behind the scenes, there is someone who manages the books, schedules meetings and travel, stocks inventory, and does all of the tasks that are necessary to keep you running on all cylinders. Whoever this is deserves a reward for his/her efforts, and the day to do that is April 22. By using any of these copy lines in your digital marketing or storefront, you will pique the interest of employers, and your business will absolutely reap the rewards. You can come up with your own creative ways to advertise, but we have a few ideas to get your creativity going:

A Convenient Truth: Making Your Business Green

Earth Day will be here soon (April 22nd, 2015), and although your company may be doing all it can to be "green", there is most likely one area that you have overlooked: your gift card solution.

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