Long-Distance Gifting: Gifts Across the Universe

purle-local-global-mapThere are a variety of ways that people can stay in touch in this age, and it all can find its roots in one common thread: the Internet. Through social media, a person in New York can talk to someone in London just as easily as they can talk to the person in the next apartment. Giving someone a gift is no different. An eGift card can go to anyone, anywhere, at any time with GiftFly. Whether it is family, a child away at school, or even a long-distance significant other, GiftFly creates an option to give a gift with a personal touch, even if you cannot deliver the gift personally.

According to longdistancerelationshipstatistics.com, there are about 14 million estimated couples who are in long-distance relationships (defined as a relationship that spans over 125 miles). These couples only get to see each other about twice a month on average, and call once every three days. These stats alone are somewhat alarming; it is no wonder that the average long-distance relationship lasts less than five months. In an effort to keep the spark alive, and show your significant other that you care (and more importantly, that you are thinking of them), send a GiftFly to his/her favorite local place. If you really want to make an impression, follow the GiftFly up with a surprise visit. You will show your boy/girlfriend that you are thoughtful, and you will certainly have something to talk about and plan once he/she receives it.

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