Long Distance Gifting: Back to School Gifts

With back to school just around the corner and as summer comes to an end, treat the kids to something special with a GiftFly to anywhere they would like. There is always that special place that is memorable for you and the kids that you'd like to send a gift certificate for. For grandparents, aunts, uncles and other relatives across the nation, sending gifts to grandchildren, nieces or nephews can be such a task. First, you have to get into your car and make it through the back to school mobs, find the perfect gift, then package it and mail it out in time for the big first day. This entire task of sending a long distance gift can take up to 7 days or longer depending on where you live!

These kids grew up with technology at their finger tips, so give them a gift they'll love - a personalized eGift card to their favorite local place. Instead of mailing a check or cash this year, choose an eGift card for millions of local places on Yelp! Whether you recommend their favorite toy store, book shop, or clothing boutique, they'll love the flexibility of GiftFly. Now you can virtually be there, even if you're far away. GiftFly an instant gift that is delivered online in seconds via email, text or Facebook (that is if they're old enough). For more ideas on Back to School Gifts, check out this blog post: http://blog.giftfly.com/go-back-school-giftfly/

Happy Gifting!
Long Distance Gifting



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