How to Send Your First Gift Card Email Promotion

With the holidays around the corner, it's time to put those gift cards in the spotlight. You can easily reach of all your customers by sending them a gift card email promotion. All you need is their email addresses to get started.

Login to your merchant dashboard to upload your first email list

Click the Email Addresses tab on the left navigation of your merchant dashboard

gift card email promotions







Click the blue Add New List button to give your list a title and hit save

send gift card email







Click Edit Recipients to upload your email addresses to the new list

email gift cards







You can upload emails by adding them manually or by uploading an Excel or CSV file. Before uploading the list, clean it up by deleting all of the columns except the email addresses column and any title rows. Your file should look like this screenshot below before uploading (email addresses have been blurred to protect privacy):

email list











That's it! Your email list is ready to receive gift card promotions! Now you can go to the Promotions tab on the dashboard to create your first email blast. Watch our tutorial video for next steps.

Contact us at if you need help or call us at (800) 322-6201 during office hours. Best of luck with your holiday sales and happy gifting!

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