How to Plan Your Gift Card Campaign for the 2015 Holiday Season

Doesn't everyone have that one friend on Facebook that shares how many days until Christmas no matter what month it is? For business owners, it gives us a constant reminder of the busiest time of year. FYI - 52 days and counting as of today!

With the holiday season fast approaching, is your business ready for the rush? In this post we will discuss how to plan your 2015 holiday gift card campaign using GiftFly's latest features.

Planning Ahead

You can never start planning your holiday promotions too early. Now is the perfect time to get your gift card campaign together so you can focus on your business when you need to the most. Get your team together for a brainstorming session to come up with unique holiday campaign ideas, gift card designs, email promotions, and giveaways or deals that your customers just can't miss out on. Benchmark last year's sales and list your top goals for this season. Want to focus on increasing customer loyalty? Plan to schedule a free eGift card giveaway for your most loyal customers to keep them smiling and coming back.

holiday-gift-card-campaignConsumers love gift cards due to their convenience and practicality. According to the National Retail Federation, gift cards have been the #1 most requested gift for the past 8 years. In the 2014 holiday season, 67% of total gift card sales were digital gift cards. With this rise in popularity, 80% of consumers are more interested in purchasing digital gift cards than 2-3 years ago (InComm). Most of these digital gift card sales took place just days before Christmas, peaking on Christmas Eve. This year more than ever, retailers around the world will be sure to rake in on the digital gift card sales by offering their gift cards online. You can plan ahead by offering your customers instant delivery on your gift cards or gift certificates. Simply add GiftFly for free to start selling custom eGift cards online, 24/7.



Today's Busy Shoppers

todays-busy-shoppersWho else is guilty of being a last-minute shopper? We've all done it. Consumers are looking to avoid the holiday rush during the busiest time of the year and are turning to digital gift cards as their solution for the perfect last minute gift (also a great option for long distance gift-givers). No matter where the recipient is, consumers can instantly send an eGift card to a favorite place just in time for the special occasion.

It's vital for businesses to offer an online gift card this 2015 holiday season because today's busy consumer is looking for an instant gift option that's available at their fingertips. When physical gift card sales wind down as it gets closer to Christmas Day, eGift card sales spike due to all the last-minute shoppers looking for instant delivery and convenience. The only way to take advantage of these sales is to join the digital revolution and offer your cards online.



Getting Started

It's super easy to start selling eGift cards with GiftFly. Once signed up, your gift cards will be instantly for sale on a dedicated GiftFly webpage that you customize with your branding and images. Create beautiful holiday-themed cards and promotions to help you increase your sales for the holiday season. Adding GiftFly to your business allows your customers to instantly send your gift cards to friends and family anywhere via email or text (safely & securely).

  • Design unlimited gift cards
  • Customize your gift card store-front
  • Create custom discounts & promotions
  • Send email promotions
  • Create local gift card fundraisers
  • Easy redemption using the free iPhone app or dashboard
  • Track sales, view analytics and reporting
  • Collect sender & receiver email addressesgiftfly-dashboard

Already selling physical gift cards? No problem. You can use GiftFly alongside your current physical gift cards as well. Consumers like to have a choice between physical and digital gift cards and due to the increasing popularity of digital gift cards, many businesses are offering both options.



Your 2015 Holiday Gift Card Campaign

Setting up a successful gift card campaign is simple with GiftFly's easy-to-use platform and resources. Once you sign up and login to your GiftFly merchant dashboard, you will be given all the tools you need to get started. Fill out your business details and payout information to start selling your eGift cards in just minutes. You can design as many gift cards as you'd like for any occasion or experience. If you need help creating your first gift card, watch our short video.


How are your customers going to hear about your new eGift cards? The most important place to promote your eGift cards is on your website. Think about it. Consumers will search your business name + gift cards online to find out if you offer them on your website. We suggest that you add an eGift card button on your homepage menu and/or footer as well as seasonal banners to drive traffic to your gift card store-front.egift-card-button

Do you have a Facebook page for your business? Don't forget to add the GiftFly tab to your Facebook page to sell your gift cards on Facebook. You can promote your new eGift cards to your social networks as a last-minute gift-giving option for any occasion. Merchants can access their Facebook tab within the GiftFly merchant dashboard.

window-clingOnce you get your welcome kit in the mail, display your GiftFly signage at your brick and mortar location to let customers know that you now offer gift cards online. You should have at least seven touch points of communication so your customers will have your eGift cards in their choice set when thinking of a gift to give that special someone. Schedule a sponsored Facebook post or tweet during the last couple of days before the holiday to increase traffic and gift card sales to create top-of-mind awareness.

Next, setup special email promotions to reward loyal customers and to attract new ones. Check out our latest feature and schedule your holiday email promotions in advance before the holiday rush so your consumers are aware of your new eGift card solution to their gifting needs. Simply upload your customer list to send targeted email promotions promoting your eGift cards. Watch our video on the new promotions tab if you need help setting up an email blast.


With the promotions tab, you can setup discounts, giveaways, and even flash sales to help you increase your gift card sales and foot traffic during not-so-busy times. For example, create a special Cyber Monday sale by offering your customers a bonus deal that gives them something extra when they purchase an eGift card - i.e. "Buy a $100 GiftFly and get a $25 bonus for free." With all the gift cards you sell during the holiday season, you will see a pickup in foot traffic during the months of January and February to keep the new revenue flowing!

GiftFly offers any business a simple, easy-to-use eGift card platform that is up and running in minutes. If you have any questions about our turn-key eGift card platform please contact us at or 800-322-6201.

If you want to learn more about our latest features, check out our last blog post here.

Thanks for reading and happy gifting!


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