GiftFly's Tips for Mother's Day

If you own a business that sells clothing, books, or any general kind of gifts, you are probably in for a big week of extra revenue. Mother's Day is coming up, and your business is likely prepared for the rush of daughters, sons and significant others that will be looking to purchase something for the special mothers in their lives. Getting the most out of the customer experience is the best way for you to make money from this holiday. At GiftFly, we have combed the Internet, looking for the promotions that we think will garner your business as much foot traffic (and ensuing revenue) as possible.

Mother's Day Gift Cards

These days, promotion begins online. Be it on social media or on your website, the best way to advertise is through your presence on the Internet. Your website would do well to carry items specifically tailored to Mother's Day, and feature them prominently on your front page as a part of a "gift guide". This guide can be linked to your Facebook, Twitter, and other social media outlets. In addition, put your specialty items on a holiday board on your Pinterest account as part of a giveaway. Every pin that your followers post is an entry to win a particular item.


If you want to market your business through an in-store promotion, you need to follow one distinct principle: make it worth your customers' effort. Offer your Mother's Day items at a discount. You will profit selling more products at a discounted rate than less products at a higher price. Free gift-wrapping is not necessarily something that will bring people in the doors, but is a nice, convenient touch to add to the experience. Finally, host an event for moms that is friendly for kids. A brunch event and/or live music always brings in people. You set your business up to cash in on extremely-last-minute revenue, and position yourself as a place to go for the holiday.

As a final/finishing touch to your online gift card, why not create a decoration that customers can print out and use as a holder for your gift card, or utilize as part of a gift basket? Whatever you decide to do, make the day special.

You can download your Mother's Day promotional assets including the email blast you see below, banner ads, card backgrounds and social media posts here: GiftFly Mother's Day Assets

*Don’t forget to link your images and posts to your GiftFly page!



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