GiftFly's eGift Card Solution Introduces Latest Features

We're excited to unveil our new look with our latest features making GiftFly an all-in-one eGift card marketing platform! Our new platform is fit for any business, arming you with all the tools you need to run a successful gift card campaign year-round. The best part is that it's free to sign up and setup your account! This unlocks your GiftFly dashboard so you can start getting the most out of our service. In this post, we will walk you through the GiftFly dashboard, and all that you can do with it.

mobile-gift-card-appQuick Redeem

When you first login to your merchant dashboard, you land on the Quick Redeem function allowing you to quickly enter the customer's unique 12-digit code and the amount to redeem their GiftFly online. You can also redeem the GiftFly using our free eGift card app available in the iTunes store. The app scans the QR code on the GiftFly to redeem the card at your business. The Android app will be available this Fall.



This is where you can track all of your eGift card transactions in real time! In this section, you can see how many and the value of cards that have been sold, redeemed, and refunded, as well as the balance of those cards. These stats can be measured by the day, month, year, or any custom interval that you select. It also allows you to analyze all of your gift card transactions by date, type, status, offers, senders & receivers and much more to improve year-round marketing efforts and to provide better customer service.

Gift Card

online-gift-cardThis is your chance to get creative to give your customers a variety of gift cards to send. By creating an eGift card, you can give your customers a personally-branded gift option, as well as a fun, decorative gift for the holidays. Creating a GiftFly is an incredibly simple process that can be repeated many times over. Upload custom images, set a color scheme that matches that of your business, and create a variety of cards for any occasion you choose! Add an enticing title and description to create gift cards for unique experiences that highlight any service or occasion. 

Store Front

This is what your customers will see when they purchase a GiftFly for your business.  You can upload your logo, select a color scheme consistent with your own, and link your GiftFly page back to your website or any other sites you'd like.

egift-card-buttonSales Tools

Your Sales Tools tab is where you can access your button code and text link. We give you the code that you need to create a button on your website, as well as to integrate your GiftFly store front on your Facebook page. Sales Tools is also where you can create store-wide gift card discounts, and to print your own GiftFly signage.


The Promotions tab helps increase customer loyalty and engagement. This is where you can create and keep track of your email promotions. The new feature allows you to email gift card promotions, specials, and discounts to your customer list at any time. There are four types of promotions you can choose from to create email blasts to improve gift card sales year-round. Incentivize your most loyal fans while staying “green” and going digital! Discounts are a great way to take advantage of holidays, bring in new customers, and reward your regulars. People love the concept of “something for nothing”, and you will reap the benefits of your promotions.



Finally, you can partner with local organizations to create fundraisers, and chart their progress as well! In the Fundraisers tab,gift-card-fundraiser you can setup a custom fundraising campaign within minutes and watch the progress as you reach your goals. Simply add a campaign manager who can invite participants and manage the fundraiser on their own dashboard. Give back to your community while selling gift cards at the same time!


Please check if you completed your business settings in this section before you start selling your gift cards. Add your business information, contact information, and how you would like to get paid, whether it's to your bank account or your PayPal account, your choice.

You can also decide whether you want to pay the service fee or if you want your customers to pay the fee during checkout in the Payouts tab as well. Not every business model is the same, so we let you decide who gets it for free. You can also change your password and check your billing in this section.

Email Lists

This is where you upload your customer email list for promotions. You can add your full list and/or create segments to send VIP promotions to your most loyal customers. First you create the list and name it. Then click "Edit Recipients" to upload your customer list by importing an Excel or CSV file. Be sure to clean the list beforehand so it appears correctly per column, i.e. First cardsName, Last Name, Email Address and so on. If you need assistance setting up a campaign, please reach out to us during business hours at (800) 322-6201 or via email at

The Merchant Dashboard is a very simple tool that anyone can use. We hope that you're able to fully utilize all of the great tools to increase gift card sales! In future posts, we will explore some of the concepts shown here in a more in-depth manner. Until then, take care, and happy selling!



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