GiftFly: The Cure for the Common Bad Day

Everyone has heard the song “Bad Day” by Daniel Powter, but sometimes singing a sad song isn’t enough to turn it around. There are times that people just need to be cheered up. What better way to make someone’s day than to send him or her a GiftFly? Here are a variety of things that GiftFly can be used for:

1. Buy a cup of coffee at your favorite local coffee shop. You never know what that boost of caffeine could do for them, and it provides a low-pressure environment for venting. Who knows, something as small as creative latte foam art can go a long way toward shaking off a bad day.

2. Take him or her to a restaurant for a meal! A gesture as simple as this gives time away from the office or home, and lets your loved one know that you are thinking about them. My personal suggestion: brunch. You cannot go wrong with a nice Sunday brunch. Nothing says “happiness” like orange juice and eggs benedict.

3. Buy a massage or spa treatment! What better way to get the tension out of life than to get the physical tension out of the body? Balancing work, home, and social lives can be incredibly stressful, and a massage greatly decreases the physical toll that it takes on one’s body.

4. Buy someone a drink at a local bar! Depending on where you go, being at a bar can be a relaxing experience. Being in a bar with the right atmosphere can really take the edge off. In addition, bars usually will host bands or hold events such as trivia nights. When you are thinking about how many miles are between Darien and Miami, you are not likely thinking about other distractions.

5. If your friend is particularly artsy, why not take him/her to a museum? Art has a calming effect on people. Everyone has an interpretation of what a piece of art means to them, and no one is necessarily wrong. Artwork provides a forum for discussion, and discussion is always a great distraction from a bad day.

Any of these suggestions is a great way to make a bad day great, but we want to hear how you made someone’s day using GiftFly! Tell us in the comments below.

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