Revenue on the Cutting Edge: Why You Should Offer eGift Cards Now!

Revenue on the Cutting Edge: Why You Should Offer eGift Cards Now!GiftFly conducted a wide small-to-medium sized business survey to confirm that every business should offer eGift cards and to better understand the needs of the local small business owner. Over one hundred "owners or managers of a small-to-medium business" answered our survey throughout nine regions in the U.S. Most importantly, we asked them, "What Features Make You Want to Add GiftFly's eGift Card Solution."  Below are their top answers:

  1. "For Sale Anytime, To Anyone"
  2. "No Upfront, Plastic or Processing Fees"
  3. "No Special Equipment or Software Necessary"
  4. "Popularity of Gift Cards"
  5. "Marketing Capabilities"

For Sale Anytime, To Anyone

Take your business from local to national in less than 60 seconds by offering eGift cards on and your website. For example, say your brother in Napa Valley, CA knows you really like this local wine bar in South Norwalk, CT and today is your 30th birthday. He goes to, finds the local business, and sends you a personalized $50 eGift card for the participating business or recommending you spend it there. In seconds, he was able to send you that memorable gift via email, Facebook or text. Your taking your existing gift card/certificate program and now making it available for purchase online 24/7 for anyone, anywhere.

No Upfront, Plastic or Processing Fees

No risk here. We just wanted to build the best eGift card solution to help local small business owners sell more gift cards - The most popular gift choice for the past 7 years (National Retail Federation).

GiftFly is the first-ever free eGift card solution for small-to-medium sized businesses. There's no cost for signing up or downloading our app and there are no setup fees or processing fees. Let's talk about the cost savings compared to plastic gift cards. With our eGift card solution there's no more printing costs, mailing & packaging costs, monthly processing fees, possible artwork fees, added time & labor or fulfillment costs. These costs can add up over time. GiftFly removes all expenses associated with plastic completely.

No Special Equipment or Software Necessary

All you need to get started with GiftFly is an established business as we provide all the tools you need to start selling custom eGift cards. Any business can offer eGift cards. By simply downloading our Merchant App, signing up, and telling us where to deposit all your new sales, you're ready to start selling eGift cards. Additionally, you can add the eGift card widget we provide for free to your website for one-click shopping. Instantly, your gift cards are for sale to anyone online for last minute or long distance gifting for every occasion.

Popularity of Gift Cards

We already mentioned that gift cards are the #1 gift for the past seven years. There are so many reasons gift cards are the most popular gift choice. Last holiday season, National Retail Federation found that over 80% of holiday shoppers will buy at least one gift card because they're personal, practical and come with a price tag to match anyone's budget.

An InComm research study shows the rising popularity of eGift cards and reasons customers love them:

  1. Instant delivery
  2. Easier to send
  3. Easier and quicker to purchase
  4. Cool gift to give
  5. Easier to redeem
  6. Environmentally friendly
  7. Harder to lose
  8. Recipient prefers digital gift cards

Marketing Capabilities 

Finally, my favorite part - marketing your eGift cards. The promotion opportunities are endless for your new eGift card program. At GiftFly, we believe everyday is a holiday. It's true. You know a customer, somewhere is celebrating an occasion whether it's a major holiday, birthday, anniversary or just because. Nowadays, there are so many reasons to send a special someone a gift and you want your gift cards to be at top-of-mind when your customers are making a gifting decision.

This is what you get instantly when signing up for GiftFly:

  • Your custom eGift cards are immediately available for sale on
  • Your website is now eCommerce-enabled with an eGift card button for one-click shopping
  • Your custom signage kit that allows for in-store promotion
  • Access to sender and receiver email addresses to add to your database for email marketing
  • Free Merchant App to scan and redeem eGift cards
  • Your custom Merchant Dashboard to access transaction history, refunds, customer information, card creation, promotions and more
  • Merchant support, first-class fraud protection and security

Here are some ideas for gift card promotions:

  • Create custom banners to link to your eGift card page for special holidays and promotions. Display them on your website, social media and blog to cross-promote your new eGift cards.
  • Test Facebook advertising around the holiday season so fans and friends of fans know that you offer an easy-to-use last minute and long distance gifting solution. Create FB ads to promote your new eGift cards with impressive designs and an enticing call-to-action to get them to click-through.
  • Start an eGift card giveaway to increase engagement, likes and traffic to your website and to increase awareness about your new product. For example, if you're a restaurant, offer fans the chance to win a $100 gift card for a romantic dinner for two.
  • Start promoting your eGift cards via email to your database. Send out emails to your current customers letting them know that you now offer eGift cards on your website to keep you in their choice set this holiday season. Send out last minute reminders right before a major holiday letting them know it's never too late.

The promotion opportunities are what I, as an online marketer, find most appealing about our eGift card program, other than that it's FREE! Another interesting discovery from the survey results was a "customer first" mindset that many of the business owners portrayed with their answers. Over 82% of the respondents believe that their customers would enjoy having their gift cards on their smartphones and 95% believe that eGift cards will be more popular in the future. 62% of respondents recognized the social proof and added brand awareness they would get from adding an eGift card solution. They believe that posting eGift cards on Facebook would increase engagement and impressions. Owners and managers that were most interested in signing up immediately were in the Food & Beverage, Retail & Consumer, and Entertainment & Leisure industries.

It's not surprising to see these results, especially in this digital world we live in. Today's consumer wants an easier, faster, safer & more personalized solution for everyday gifting. With GiftFly, anyone, anywhere can be a customer. To get started, sign up for free to start selling your custom eGift cards before the holiday season and earn more revenue. That is the goal, isn't it?

If you have any questions or need assistance signing up, please comment below or email us at You can also chat with me on our support page.

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