Enjoying GiftFly? Refer your fellow business owners!

Enjoying GiftFly? Refer your fellow business owners!At this point, it is obvious that GiftFly is bringing you new revenue streams and is helping to sell gift cards on your website. Why not spread that knowledge around? Your colleagues are probably looking at you and wondering, "How can I sell eGift cards for my business?" You can help them make more money, AND we will offer you a bonus for your referral!

If you refer a merchant to GiftFly and they partner with us, we will send you a $100 GiftFly that you can use anywhere! Since GiftFly is working for you, support your local community and help create an environment where local businesses can thrive! 


 *Note: GiftFly LLC reserves the right to approve or deny referrals and maintains full discretion on the size & timing of the bonus depending on the nature, location & quality of the business. 

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