Create Ads in 10 Seconds or Less With Snapchat!

Snapchat is an incredibly popular picture messaging app, most commonly used by millennials and younger. With Snapchat, users can send videos and photos that are available for a period of up to ten seconds. In the recent past, Snapchat has gone through a variety of changes, and the next step in its evolution may have come today.

In its latest update, Snapchat introduced a new "Discover" feature into its interface, which many well-known brands have been quick to embrace. Looking at the Discover screen will show the account information for Comedy Central, National Geographic, MLB, and a host of other larger entities. With this app integration, these companies showcase a montage of related clips in a version of a Snapchat "Story". CNN even used Snapchat to conduct an interview with Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, where he responded to user questions about his upcoming political plans.

While Discover integration is not yet available to the local business, you can use Snapchat on a DIY scale. For example, you can update your Snapchat Story every day, and include food/drink specials, theme nights, and other events that your business may be hosting. In addition, when you add your social media addresses to your email signature, make sure that Snapchat has equal billing to Facebook, Twitter, and any other platform that you might use.

Discover is a revolutionary new tool for bigger brands to present themselves to the millennial generation. If you are going to be on the cutting edge of social media, you should be embracing Snapchat. It is a great way to put your business on a pedestal in a short amount of time.



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