Connecting the Dots: QR Codes Explained

We have all seen them on advertisements in the streets; a white square with a seemingly random collection of black squares and dots inside. QR codes (short for "quick response") are able to fit a large amount of data into a tiny space. Codes are scanned through a cell phone, and lead the user to either a website, app download, or discount code (among other uses).

QR code gift card programGiftFly generates a unique QR code when a customer purchases a GiftFly which stores their gift card balance and other information to make the eGift card easy to redeem for our merchants. The GiftFly merchant app contains a QR code reader, which scans the unique GiftFly to accept it as a form of payment. From there, the merchant inputs the amount into the app, and it is deducted from the balance of the gift card. If there is a balance remaining on the card, the customer will be emailed with their new card and updated value. It is a hassle-free solution for easy redemption and tracking, plus all your transactions show up in real-time on the app and on your Merchant Dashboard.

You can generate a QR code for your business to add to print ads, in-store promotions, or even window clings to drive mobile traffic directly to your GiftFly store-front. Customize it with an image and get creative to get more scans.

Happy Scanning!

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