A Convenient Truth: Making Your Business Green

Earth Day will be here soon (April 22nd, 2015), and although your company may be doing all it can to be "green", there is most likely one area that you have overlooked: your gift card solution.

The hidden danger of a plastic gift card is in its composition. The plastic in gift cards contains polyvinyl chloride, or PVC. This is a problem because it is a carcinogen, which causes cancer. Billions of cards are produced every year, with pounds upon pounds of PVC just sitting in our landfills after the gift cards have been used. 

Plastic Gift Cards
Img Source: Flickr: 401(K) 2012 

How are companies taking steps to reduce the amounts of plastic gift cards that are in circulation? Some businesses are taking advantage of a paper card or certificate, which is good for eliminating PVC, but are not completely green either. The paper that is used in these gift cards comes from trees, which need to be cut down and severely reduce the amount of clean oxygen that is released into the atmosphere.

With GiftFly, your gift cards can go from being a piece of plastic in your wallet to an item that is just a tap away on your phone. Your company will be environmentally conscious as well! GiftFly offers you and your customers all of the conveniences of a traditional gift card, with none of the plastic. Our eGift cards are sent through email, Facebook, and text message, so a gift card is never more than a few taps away. In addition, your consumers will be able to buy & send a GiftFly to your business to anyone at any time!

If your business wants to be completely green, change your gift card solution as soon as possible, and do your part to help the planet thrive! Promote your new eGift cards this Earth Day to help spread the word.

You can download your Earth Day promotional assets including the email blast you see below, banner ads, card backgrounds and social media posts here: GiftFly Earth Day Assets

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