2015 Reset: New Year, New Revenue!


The one thing that everyone does in the advent of the new year is to make resolutions. When we make a resolution, we take a quality of a person that we want to be or something that we want to change about ourselves, and try to take steps to reach that goal in our daily lives. We see January 1 as a virtual reset button, or a chance to make a new start. Your business, and you as a business owner, can apply those principles to grow on a professional and on a personal level. There are a lot of practices that your business can either upgrade or implement which will result in a greater revenue stream! 2015 is the year that you take your business to the next level, and take yourself to new heights! However, to get there, you must first answer the question:

What makes my business different from my competition?

We have targeted four areas that will develop your local business, and will provide you with some personal and financial fulfillment!

The first focus point revolves around this theory: Do not settle. If something in your business is not working, change it. If your gift cards are not selling in your storefront, adopt an eGift card solution that allows you to sell  24/7. If your drink specials are not being bought up, change up your menu. Constantly tinker and use trial and error until you figure out what works. One way that you can map out your strategy is by finding out where other people have gone wrong, and steer clear of their mistakes. Join up with a networking group, meet with like-minded people in a similar field, and see what ideas stick, and what ends up in the trash can.

To further develop your business as much as possible, you need only look to your customers for help. Listen to the people who are buying what you are selling, and cater to them. Find out what they are looking for, and be that. You may find yourself carving out a niche that will set you apart from your colleagues. To truly integrate your customers into the fabric of your business, your customer service must be of paramount importance. Plain and simple: if your customers are not happy with your product, they are not going to come back. Pay attention to what your customers are saying, and you will put your business ahead of everyone else.

As far as marketing efforts are concerned, do it early and often. Regular and consistent promotion is the key to getting yourself out there. There is an expression: "The squeaky wheel gets the grease". If you are making your presence known, you are going to get revenue. If your message is seen by your target audience first, you will be looked at as a benchmark/measuring stick in your field. Promote yourself on social media, and make sure that an SEO specialist has made sure that your website trends as highly as it can in searches.

Finally, take the time to develop personally! Learn a new skill, give back to your community, but schedule some time in your busy day to enjoy yourself. A healthy work/life balance is essential to growing as a person, and your personal happiness will lead to happiness in your career!

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