10 Ways to Sell More Gift Cards this Holiday Season

Ready or not, here comes the holiday season! It's the season to sell more gift cards. And that means we're here to arm your business with all kinds of tools, tips and tricks you need to run a successful gift card campaign this holiday.

We hope you're already off to a great start with planning & implementing your holiday promotions, but if you're feeling a bit behind on your sales goals, no worries at all. The tips below will help you capture more digital gift card sales by promoting your eGift cards when your customers need them the most - when they're looking for a meaningful last-minute gift that friends and family will love.

Check out the tips below to get the most out of GiftFly's eGift card platform this holiday season:

1. Go Digital

If you're not already offering eGift cards through GiftFly, now would be the best time to get started. Your business can go from local to national in seconds. Anyone, anywhere will be able to instantly send a gift card for your business 24/7. It's no secret that this holiday season will be a very digital one. According to InComm, 67% of total gift card sales were digital gift cards last holiday season!

Today's consumers love eGift cards due to their instant deliverability. For the busy, last-minute shopper, sending eGift cards for favorite local businesses is a lifesaver.digital-gift-card-stats

Go ahead, sign up your business with GiftFly for free to get access to the fastest & easiest eGift card platform. Don’t worry, we’re here if you need a hand setting up your cards or promotions. Once you’re signed up, start customizing your GiftFly page and eCommerce-enable your site by adding the eGift card button.

  • Design your eGift cards
    • Upload any image or logo for unlimited designs, choose holiday-themed backgrounds to give your customers options to send their loved ones (Download these FREE Holiday photos)
  • Customize your GiftFly storefront
    • Upload your logo and color codes to match your branding

Now you’re ready to promote your new eGift cards. You can market your new eGift cards anywhere by adding the link to your gift card page!


2. Get the Word Out

Having an eGift card is pointless without a promotion strategy. If no one knows about your eGift cards, it's going to be difficult to sell them. The best way to sell more gift cards is to get the word out to your audience on all fronts. There are lots of ways to promote your eGift cards this holiday season. Below are some great ideas to get you started:


3. Your Website

KTnMexETqToday's digital consumer will immediately go to Google to search for your business to find out if you sell gift cards online. The not-so-tech-savvy folks will still call your business to order a gift card or certificate the old-fashioned way via snail mail. Now you can direct all of your customers to visit your website to send a gift card to anyone via email and text in a couple of clicks.

  • Add the eGift card button to your website
    • Select the color and shape of the button to embed onto any page within your website. Let us know if you need help.
  • Add "Gift Cards" to your main navigation so customers can easily find the link to your gift card shop
  • Design seasonal banners to promote your eGift cards on your website that link to your shop
    • Use contrasting colors, images & copy that standouts against your website to call attention to your new 24/7 product


4. Social Media

Social media is a great way to get your message out to a large audience and fans of your business. Use images to help your Facebook posts standout on the newsfeed. Offer special discounts for Facebook fans or followers to increase loyalty and engagement. Make sure the image is sized correctly for the particular network you are posting to. If you have a marketing budget for the holiday season, go ahead and "boost" the post on Facebook - be sure to include a link to your gift card store-front so customers can easily checkout.facebook-gift-card-tab2

  • Add the custom Facebook eGift card tab to start selling on your Facebook page
    • Watch our how-to video to see how easy it is to add the tab.
  • Create image posts to promote your eGift cards using high quality holiday-themed images
    • Here's a great tip! Right-click and save your GiftFly designs to easily add the gift card image to any post.
  • Setup sponsored posts or tweets to reach your customers 6 days before Christmas to increase last minute gift sales
  • Gift card contests - Start a contest on your top performing social media networks and giveaway an eGift card to the winner to promote your eGift cards and increase engagement at the same time!


5. Email Marketing

Email marketing can be a tricky game. Thankfully, GiftFly has made it easy with the Promotions tab inside the dashboard! All you need to do is upload your customer email list to get started - let us know if you need help.

If you already use MailChimp or Constant Contact to communicate to your customers, simply export the list and import it into your GiftFly dashboard to start sending gift card email promotions. You can even create different lists to reward your most loyal customers or to engage the less frequent visitors.

Around the holidays, consumers will start searching their email inbox for deals and promotions. Take advantage and get creative with your offering to get more sales during the holidays.


6. Blogging

Do you already have a blog for your business? If so, you may have subscribers who regularly visit the blog or are getting email notifications whenever you post something new. Blog about your eGift cards or any discounts you’re offering to inspire readers to send your eGift cards during the busy holidays. Don’t forget to link back to your gift card shop!

Guest blog on local bloggers' website to gain more exposure for your eGift cards using a last-minute gift angle. People love supporting local businesses and gifting during the holidays is a big trending topic for many bloggers and writers. Offer a small gift card giveaway to their readers in exchange for more exposure. Check bloggers' social networks to determine their reach and select the best ones to partner with.


7. Gift Card Promotions

Everyone likes a discount, especially during the holidays when consumer spending is at its highest. There are 4 different promotion types in the GiftFly dashboard that you can easily setup and schedule to help sell more gift cards this holiday season.


1. Promotion

  • Send an eGift card promotion to customers for special occasions
  • Choose or design a GiftFly you want to email out to your list, for example: send out a seasonal gift card reminding customers that they can send anyone, anywhere an eGift card to your business 24/7 - perfect for a last-minute gift!

2. Giveaway

  • Create a FREE offer for all your loyal customers
  • Setup a giveaway to any or all of your customers to reward them during the holidays - a small gift can go a long way and create a loyal customer who returns again and again.

3. Bonus

  • Buy this eGift card and get bonus dollars for FREE
  • For example, "Buy a $100 GiftFly and get a $25 bonus for free" - who wouldn't say no to this deal?! This would make a great offer for Cyber Monday to promote your eGift cards to your customers and local market.

4. Flash Sale

  • Get dollars off when you buy during this time
  • Flash sales get customers buying, and buying fast. Offer a limited time deal that customers can't resist, for example, "Hurry! $10 Off for the next 24 hours only!"

Bonus tip: Try out a few different promotions over the next couple of weeks to see which ones perform best with your customers. Optimize the offer that converted the most and use that to reach the last minute shoppers closer to Christmas day.


8. In-Store Promotions

Promote your eGift cards in-store using your GiftFly signage including the window clings, POS magnet or any custom signs your create that you can display on your window or door to capture more impressions around the holiday season.



9. Fundraisers

Get local organizations out in the community selling and promoting eGift cards for your business! Partner with local organizations to create fundraisers, and chart their progress as well! In the Fundraisers tab,gift-card-fundraiser you can setup a custom fundraising campaign within minutes and watch the progress as you reach your goals. Simply add a campaign manager who can invite participants and manage the fundraiser on their own dashboard. Give back to your community while selling gift cards at the same time!


10. Snail Mail

Okay, this may be odd for us to mention as an eGift card company, but why not create a nice postcard to send to your best customers during the holidays to include information about your eGift cards as a last-minute gift solution. Offer a special holiday discount or a nice message from the business owner.

To learn more what else you can do to increase your sales this holiday season, contact us during business hours to brainstorm new ideas and for assistance setting up new campaigns.


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