A Road Map to Your Revenue Pot of Gold

A Road Map to Your Revenue Pot of Gold

March is here, which usually means one thing: all of the business that comes with St. Patrick’s Day. GiftFly wants you to bring in as many customers and make as much money as possible. Think of this as your personal rainbow, which will lead you to your pot of gold.

  •  Make sure that your menu is stocked with traditional St. Patrick’s Day fare. Corned beef and cabbage, soda bread, and foods containing those items will make up your menu, and your creativity with these staples will set you apart.
  • Drink specials on St. Patrick’s Day is a certain way to make your money. Your whiskey and beer sales will comprise the majority of your income for the weekend leading up to the actual holiday. Offer discounts to people who are wearing green, or a leprechaun hat. Be creative with your discount offers. More volume of sales at a discounted price will more than offset your costs.
  • If your bar/restaurant is on a street that is saturated with other bars, organize a meeting to arrange a pub-crawl, and offer a prize for the craziest costume.This way, all of you can share in the wealth, and so that you can provide an experience for customers that would not necessarily visit you otherwise. The potential to create new regulars is, without a doubt, worth the effort.
  • Partner with either a local or app-based car service to provide safe rides home for your customers. If they get home safe at the end of the night, they will come back another time. Customers remember the places that take an initiative to keep them safe.

And lastly, don’t forget to promote your eGift cards! We created this email blast below you can save to email your customers to help promote your eGift cards year-round!



We hope that you find these tips useful, and that your revenue takes off smoothly in March!

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