Quick Hits: 5 Ways to Make Your Business Different

Quick Hits: 5 Ways to Make Your Business Different

Your business simply will not grow if you are the same as your competition. It is something that we have been preaching at GiftFly for months, and it is a fundamental tool in what will get your revenue into the black. Now, if you are a restaurant or bar, we have five suggestions that will get you the push that you need, and give your business a reputation that can only bring in more customers.

Trivia Night

trivia-night-barThe first suggestion that we can give you is hosting a weekly trivia night. I can personally vouch for this suggestion, and tell you that it works. Every week, I head to my local bar, and see the same people. The bartenders know our names, and our drink orders. It is a place where I feel comfortable. By creating a trivia night, you are not just creating a weekly event; you are building a community of people with common interests. Your restaurant will create an environment where people will feel at home, socialize, and continue to come back.

Speed Dating

Another night that you can offer people is a speed dating night. Have local singles come into your establishment, converse with others in the same position, and possibly meet their soul mate. Friendships, relationships, and even marriages can blossom from these events, and your restaurant will forever be involved in stories as “the place that we met”. You will be responsible for creating lasting memories that will endure.

A Bar for Fans


Bobby V’s Sports Bar in Stamford, CT

The easiest way to create a niche for your business is to become the bar/restaurant associated with a certain team. Walk into any pub or sports bar, and you will see memorabilia from either a local team or the team that the bar supports. Simply by entering the place and taking a look around, you will be able to see where fans go to watch a particular team. Host meetups, game watch parties, and theme nights around a given team, and fans of that team will know to come to your bar when they are in town.

Music Hall

Are you looking to improve your reputation as far as nightlife is concerned? Become the bar that is famous for a certain genre of music. Get a feel for the local scene, invite bands to come and play at your place, and people will come. More importantly, find out who the tastemakers and influencers are in your area, and get them into your business as well. Nothing says instant revenue better than an endorsement from a trusted source. Once you have the reputation as “the place to go for the best (genre of music) in (your town)”, you are set.

Live Music at Restaurant

The Fez Restaurant & Bar in Stamford, CT – A GiftFly Merchant


The Best Food in Town

best-food-in-townKeeping with the theme of being the best in your town, here is a thought to re-energize your menu. Find an item that you really want to sell, and become the best at it. Put resources into making the best burger, martini, or hot fudge sundae. We are not suggesting a complete overhaul of your menu, just highlighting a certain item or number of items. People will know that your business is the place to go for s given menu item. They will come to you, either because they are curious about your reputation, or because they believe it. Either way, your business is making money, and keeping people coming in.

These steps are simple, and will undoubtedly lead you on the road to more revenue and a bigger bottom line.


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