How to Promote Your eGift Cards for Valentine’s Day 2015

How to Promote Your eGift Cards for Valentine’s Day 2015

Valentine’s Day is all about love and let’s not forget, gifts. Can you believe the average annual Valentine’s Day spending is over $13 Billion?! Cut yourself a piece of that pie by effectively promoting your products and services to your customer base and beyond. Today we’re going to talk about eGift cards in particular because an eGift card is something your business can add in seconds to sell more on this special occasion and year-round.

For businesses, Valentine’s Day is a day to cash in on specials and offers to entice customers to purchase their gifts through you, especially gift cards and gift certificates. Need some new ideas for promotion? Here’s how your business can sell more gift cards on Valentine’s Day:

Offer eGift Cards

Before you start promoting for Valentine’s Day, you’re going to need to setup the essential tools to assist you in adding these extra sales. Go ahead, sign up your business with GiftFly for free and you’ll get access to the fastest & easiest eGift card platform created especially for the small business owner. Don’t worry, we’re here if you need a hand setting up your card designs and gift card page. Once you’re signed up, start customizing your GiftFly page and eCommerce-enable your site by adding the custom widget.

  • Design your virtual gift cards
    • Upload any image or logo for unlimited designs, choose Valentine’s Day themed backgrounds to give your customers options to send their loved ones
  • Customize your GiftFly eGift card page
    • Upload your logo and color codes to match your branding
  • Add the eGift card widget to your website
    • Select the color code and embed onto any page within your website. Let us know if you need help.
  • Add the Facebook tab to your Facebook page
    • Move the tab to the front of all other tabs so fans can easily see you offer eGift cards. Watch this video tutorial for assistance.

Now you’re ready to promote. You can market your new eGift cards anywhere by simply adding the link to your unique gift card page! Unleash your creativity to design beautiful cards and promotions.

Email Marketing

If you have a customer email list, now’s the perfect time to announce that you have special eGift cards for Valentine’s Day. You can schedule an email blast today through Feb. 14 since your eGift cards are available for purchase 24/7 and are sent instantly via email, which makes it a perfect option for last-minute and long distance gift-givers. Fun fact: Did you know that there are an estimated 4 to 4.5 million college couples in the US in a non-marital long-distance relationship? Adding GiftFly allows anyone, anywhere in the U.S to send a gift card to your business from the comfort of their home, even when your business is closed. This will bring in revenue that you simply would not be able to get with a plastic gift card or certificate.

Here’s an example of an email promotion you can design to send to your customers promoting your eGift cards:



Social Media

Use your social networks to spread the word about your Valentine’s Day offering. Be sure to include images to help your posts stand out amongst all the updates and other promotions. If you have a strong Facebook or Twitter following, run a special discount for your fans, i.e. 10% off Valentine’s Day eGift cards, which you can setup in your GiftFly dashboard to give consumers an incentive to buy & send your cards. To give your post added impressions, go ahead and boost it on Facebook to get more eyes on your offer. When customers send a GiftFly via Facebook, they will share the news with their network, further increasing your reach and impressions.

In-store Promotions

Prior to the special occasion, promote your gift cards in-store. Print custom signage to display in your window and at the register to let customers know you offer eGift cards online. When your business is closed, a passerby may notice your signage to learn that you now offer eGift cards and can look for you online to purchase a card.

You can also include a message in your customer receipt or attached to their receipt promoting your eGift cards. For example, “Send Someone Special an eGift in Seconds – Visit Our Website for Details.”

GiftFly provides your business with all the tools you need to create, sell, track and promote your virtual gift cards. Get started today as it’s not too late to start promoting for Valentine’s Day and as always, feel free to reach out to GiftFly if you need assistance.


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