A Parade of Consumers: Mardi Gras Marketing


Once a year, New Orleans becomes the center of attention in this country. Mardi Gras has developed a reputation as one of the largest parties in the world, and businesses outside of the Big Easy do whatever they can to create a Mardi Gras experience to capitalize on potential revenue. Your business can also reap the benefits of this day, with little more than a few simple tweaks in menu and/or atmosphere.

For example, if you run a restaurant or bar, you can best prepare for Mardi Gras with a menu that mimics traditional New Orleans fare. Cajun spices, crawfish, shrimp, and jambalaya can make up a pretty satisfactory specials menu, and offering drink specials would not be a bad idea as well. In fact, if your business wants to take things a step further, host a masquerade ball. The best costumes can get beads, which can be exchanged for free drinks or appetizers. In addition, add some live music to the event, and give local jazz and funk acts an opportunity that they might not otherwise get.

Restaurants and bars may have more of a selection available on their Mardi Gras menu, but they are not the only businesses that can reap the benefits. Bakeries can also grab their piece of the pie (or more apporpriately, cake). Aside from all of the dishes mentioned earlier, one of the staple foods of Mardi Gras is king cake. A king cake is a pastry that usually has purple, green, or white frosting on top of it, with a plastic figure baked inside. If your bakery makes a king cake, you will be known as the go-to spot for Mardi Gras house parties.

Finally, if your business is not serving food or drink, you can absolutely still get into the spirit of Mardi Gras! You can add a Mardi Gras theme to your GiftFly gift card designs, and you can dress up your business for the day by strategically placing yellow, green and purple streamers around your business.

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