Tip Your Cap to the Class of 2014!

Tip Your Cap to the Class of 2014!

May usually signifies the end of four years of college for most students, as they prepare to graduate and enter the workforce. Most graduates will start applying for jobs right away; others will take a little time to decompress and enjoy a trip. With these things in mind, anyone who has a loved one graduating is wondering how to send him/her off right. GiftFly is your one-stop shop for online gift cards to virtually any small to medium-sized business. Through a cash card, you can let your grad know that they are important to you, while at the same time easing the stress that comes with entering the job market. How can you give a gift that will help them, and support local business at the same time? We have some suggestions for you:

What’s On Tap For You During American Craft Beer Week?


Beer is a beverage that is simple to make, and yet difficult to master. Breweries all over the world have sprung up, adding their own ingredients and flavors to the simple formula of water, barley, hops, and yeast. This week, we celebrate the craft beer brewers, who put a particular emphasis on flavor and taste.


American Craft Beer Week runs from May 12-18, and here in Connecticut, we have a wealth of breweries. The CT Beer Trail begins as far west as Stamford, reaches out east to Stonington and north to East Windsor. Many breweries along the trail offer tours, allowing patrons to see how the beer is made and what recipes set them apart from all other breweries. Some, like Two Roads in Stratford, have tasting rooms where customers can taste the seasonal beers on tap, bringing in local food trucks to supplement their beverages. Others, like Southport Brewing Co. in Southport, provide freshly brewed beer in a restaurant setting.


Regardless, you should support a local brewery this week. You may not know these beers as well as some of the most common options on tap, but this week, try a new ale or pilsner. You might be surprised with the results.


For more information on the CT Beer Trail, check out this link: http://ctbeertrail.net/page/breweries-1


Also, in case you missed it, Food & Wine did an article highlighting the best bars in America: http://bit.ly/1lu95LW

GiftFly: The Cure for the Common Bad Day

Everyone has heard the song “Bad Day” by Daniel Powter, but sometimes singing a sad song isn’t enough to turn it around. There are times that people just need to be cheered up. What better way to make someone’s day than to send him or her a GiftFly? Here are a variety of things that GiftFly can be used for:

Teacher Appreciation Week

Teacher Appreciation Week

Once a year, we celebrate the people who educate our younger generations. This year, an entire week is devoted to showing your teachers that you are grateful for what they do. Usually, people buy the same things for their teachers every year; candles/bath products, baked goods, and some combination of school/office supplies. At GiftFly, we think that a little more creativity should be utilized. What better way to show that you know your teacher than buying them an online gift card to their favorite coffee shop right down the street, or any of a number of local businesses? We have a few suggestions to ensure that your teacher feels appreciated:

Looking for the Perfect Mother’s Day Gift?

Looking for the Perfect Mother’s Day Gift?

A mother is probably the single most influential female figure in the life of her child. One day a year, we celebrate our mothers with simple gestures and gifts. The problem that most customers encounter on this holiday is not only what to get, but when to get it. GiftFly takes both of these questions, and provides an unprecedented solution: the ability to purchase an online gift card instantly, at any time of the day, to virtually any of a number of local businesses! Seeing as the possibilities with GiftFly are endless, we have put together a few examples of a “Perfect Mother’s Day Gift”:

Your New Favorite Online Gift Card Service Has Arrived!

Gift cards are a $100 billion-dollar industry for good reason: they are the primary present of the last-minute shopper, the go-to gift for the birthday forgetter and best option for when you have no idea what to get your mom for Mother’s Day. However, traditional plastic gift cards tend to get lost or forgotten and so we always leave cash left on them.

Enter GiftFly!

GiftFly.com is a new social and mobile online gift card service providing a long-awaited alternative to easily lost or forgotten plastic gift cards. Using GiftFly is quick and easy. First, choose a friend via Facebook, email, or text design their personalized gift card with any amount of money. Then after finding a local business using the built-in Yelp search tool, send the online gift card to a friend’s Facebook account, email address, or via text message. It arrives in seconds. Once the GiftFly gift card is received, the recipient can easily redeem it at a participating local shop using the GiftFly Code or as cash deposited directly into their PayPal or bank account instantly.

Online Gift Card

Custom Online Gift Cards to Local Places You Love!


Two types of cards are available: the Cash Card (which is one click redeemed directly to a PayPal or bank account), and the Merchant Card (which is redeemed at your local, favorite merchant). Gone are the days of finding a gift card for a narrow selection of businesses, loading it with money, sending it using old-fashioned stamps and snail mail, then hoping a friend or family member doesn’t forget yet another plastic card. GiftFly streamlines all those processes into a quick & easy 3-step action, which can be found at www.giftfly.com. GiftFly gift cards are instantly sent and received, and also help cut down on plastic consumption by being environmentally friendly. GiftFly works for any business. For an online gift card solution to your favorite local business, GiftFly is your best bet.