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If you have been following GiftFly on any form of social media, especially Facebook and Twitter, you know that many days have a theme associated with them.  We believe that GiftFly is a perfect online gift card solution that makes any day a holiday. Sure, it is nice to receive a gift for recognized holidays (Christmas, Mother’s/Father’s Day, and the like). But what about a seemingly random gift card for Doughnut Day? What about adding a twist to Say Something Nice Day and including a gift card with an encouraging message? GiftFly is perfect for that as well.

Digital Gift Cards: An Easy Revenue Solution for Small Business Owners

GiftFly has created this handy infographic to show small to medium-sized businesses why eGift cards are the best way to add revenue instantly. GiftFly offers insight into what consumers love about online gift cards and how much they actually spend when sending eGift cards to friends and family. They also show how eGift card sales are booming compared to plastic gift cards.

GiftFly wants their merchants to spend their time making money, and not worrying about the technical stuff – they offer a full-blown, turnkey solution for local businesses to start selling their own custom eGift cards in minutes. It’s super simple to set up, easier to use, and will provide businesses with a constant stream of new revenue and a new customer base since you have a new online product available for sale anywhere, anytime.


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Instant Revenue: Adding an eGift Card Solution to Your Business

Instant Revenue: Adding an eGift Card Solution to Your Business

As a local business owner, your ideal innovations are easy to install, low-maintenance, and will prove to be best for business in the log run. Technology is one of the primary ways that businesses are evolving. Your business can get in on the ground floor of a new movement in gifting: eGift cards. The sales of eGift cards are booming with an estimated growth of 300% by 2015 compared to 5% for plastic gift cards (CEB Tower Group 2014).  In the end, adopting an online gift card solution is an ideal scenario for both you and your consumer, and GiftFly is exactly the way to add eGift card revenue to your business, instantly!


eGift Card Sales are Booming

Go Local to Global with GiftFly!

Go Local to Global with GiftFly!

Your business is doing great. You have positive consumer reviews, good quality product, and a niche to fill within the community. However, to become more profitable, you need to be able to reach an audience that you have not reached before. There are very simple ways to do this, most of which focus on the quality of your product. Follow these steps, and you will be able to take your business to the next level, with minimal effort:

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From the Seeds of an Idea: Growing Your Small Business

From the Seeds of an Idea: Growing Your Small Business

So, you have a business, and you are ready to start selling your product. The problem is, how do you a) create a consumer base, and b) grow it at the same time?


When starting a business, there are a few questions that should be answered. The first of these is “How can I be different from my competition?” You are not likely to succeed if you are establishing a brand under the premise of trying to lure customers away from somewhere else. Simply put, you need to look at your competition, find out what did not work, and make sure that you do not make the same mistakes. This is also important when it comes to your own presence on reviewing sites (Yelp, for example). If you get a negative review on one of these sites, use that criticism in a constructive way, and fix what is causing a negative review. By the same token, accentuate what is being said that is positive about your business. This is key to getting off the ground and into the marketplace.


Another part of establishing your brand is having a voice on social media. This means creating pages on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn to start. All of these sites have nuances to them that are beneficial to you. Businesses today are operating in an age where engaging customers is paramount to retention and expansion. If your customers feel like your business cares about them, they will most likely become a returning customer, and will also recommend you to potential clients.

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How GiftFly Can Help Your Business: A Guide for Merchants

How GiftFly Can Help Your Business: A Guide for Merchants

It is no secret that innovation is what drives the marketplace in business. The most successful companies are the ones that stand out from their competition. They have the “it factor” that brings in consumers, and more importantly, their money. Over the past 15 years, gift cards have become an increasingly prominent piece of commerce. In the age of the Internet, e-gifting has cornered its own section of this business, growing from $300 million in 2012 to an estimated $3 billion in sales in 2013. At GiftFly, we have come up with a way that allows you to sell gift cards in a way that was impossible before. It also provides you with new and innovative ways to market to your customer base. With GiftFly, you can truly set yourself apart from businesses that are vying for the same spot.


So, what exactly is GiftFly? We are an online gift card solution that allows your customers to buy gift cards to your business at all hours of the day. Consumers will buy a gift card in any amount, and the receiver will get his/her digital gift card via email, Facebook and/or text. They will then come into your business to redeem their eGift card, at which point you will scan it using our free QR-scanning app for merchants. We also set you up with an online merchant dashboard that allows you to track transactions and access customer information in real time. Finally, we provide you with the GiftFly widget so that you can embed a custom button that allows your customers to buy & send online gift cards from your own website as well as various signage materials to promote your new product.

Father’s Day is Coming Up, Celebrate with a GiftFly!

It is commonly known that a baby’s first word is usually some form of “Dad.” Every June, we celebrate our fathers, who taught us how to throw a ball for the first time and took us to our first sporting event. When Father’s Day comes around, our dads usually have a new pair of socks or a tie to look forward to. This Father’s Day, how about you turn the tables and send him an online gift card? Give him something that he will love and enjoy!