Let the World Know: eGift Card Awareness is Increasing!

Let the World Know: eGift Card Awareness is Increasing!

Adopting an eGift card solution is the best way that your business can grow. By creating a 24/7 selling option, your business will have new, unprecedented access to revenue streams! I know what you are thinking:

My paper/plastic gift cards are selling perfectly well? Why should I use eGift cards for my business?

A series of recent studies done by the Retail Gift Card Association show four key points:

More and more people are becoming aware of eGift cards. In a survey published in December 2014, the RGCA found that out of 1000 people, 75 percent were aware of the existence of eGift card solutions. This, compared to a similar survey done in June 2014, showed an increase of 33 percent awareness. In just six months, customer awareness grew by about one-third.

People are going to buy eGift cards. 70 percent of respondents to the December survey were going to buy at least one gift card, and 49 percent were going to buy 2 or more! eGift cards are easy to purchase, and instantly deliverable. They are also suitable and customizable for any occasion, and make a great gift for anyone!

eGift cards are GREAT for business. Once you bring eGift cards into your inventory, your customers will reward you handsomely. In fact, most of your customers (around 76 percent) will not even wait for a particular promotion or sale to spend their gift card. Once the card is in the hand/inbox of your customer, they will be swept up by the concept of “free money” in your store. 72% of respondents were inclined to spend over 25 dollars inside the store upon receipt of a gift card.

Your business will be on the cutting edge of technology. Younger people are looking to embrace a more digital lifestyle. 10 percent of those surveyed had integrated their credit card information onto their smartphones, and 5 percent of that would be open to the ability to add eGift cards into their “mobile wallet”. As more and more people use services like Apple Pay, Google Wallet and the like, eGift cards will just become a part of the natural progression of eCommerce. Once this technology is integrated, you will be able to say that your business was there first, and is at the head of the pack in innovation.

The numbers don’t lie: if you want to maximize your potential revenue streams, an eGift card solution is exactly what you are going to need!

Your Business is Worth Gifting

(Statistics courtesy of RGCA-page 7)

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