Big Game Theory: Marketing for a Football Game

Big Game Theory: Marketing for a Football Game

Sporting events are one of the best ways that people will be attracted to your business. People love to gather together, watch their favorite team compete, and enjoy an atmosphere with similar rooting interests. One thing that we have always talked about on the GiftFly blog is being different. To get more customers, you need to offer something that your competition is not. Every bar and restaurant has a score box pool. Doing simply that is not going to bring you the revenue that you want.

What will get people in the door? We will start with one word: PROMOTION. No one will come to your business if they do not know that you are offering something to them. Get signage out in your storefront, email everyone on your list, and make sure that the word is out: You are having the event of the century, and it should not be missed. That is your message, and drumming up interest will bring in your business.

Once you have your customers, give them a reason to stay. Offer food and drink discounts all night. In addition, offer drink specials based on a player nickname or football term. You can also create food and drink specials based on game events (i.e., if someone scores a touchdown, offer seven wings for seven dollars).

If your business is in a more temperate area, offer the quintessential football experience: a tailgate party. Offer your patrons an experience that they would get if they were outside of any football game. This includes hosting two-hand-touch football games, cornhole tournaments, barbecue, and for a little extra touch, bring in a DJ or band for live music. Give your loyal customers a taste of the experience that comes along with a tailgate, in the comforts of their backyard.

Football games are tremendous opportunities to grab revenue. Offer your customers a night that they will never forget, and they will reward you by continuing to come back.




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