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Long Distance Gifting: Back to School Gifts

With back to school just around the corner and as summer comes to an end, treat the kids to something special with a GiftFly to anywhere they would like. There is always that special place that is memorable for you and the kids that you’d like to send a gift certificate for. For grandparents, aunts, uncles and other relatives across the nation, sending gifts to grandchildren, nieces or nephews can be such a task. First, you have to get into your car and make it through the back to school mobs, find the perfect gift, then package it and mail it out in time for the big first day. This entire task of sending a long distance gift can take up to 7 days or longer depending on where you live!

These kids grew up with technology at their finger tips, so give them a gift they’ll love – a personalized eGift card to their favorite local place. Instead of mailing a check or cash this year, choose an eGift card for millions of local places on Yelp! Whether you recommend their favorite toy store, book shop, or clothing boutique, they’ll love the flexibility of GiftFly. Now you can virtually be there, even if you’re far away. GiftFly an instant gift that is delivered online in seconds via email, text or Facebook (that is if they’re old enough). For more ideas on Back to School Gifts, check out this blog post:

Happy Gifting!
Long Distance Gifting



5 Reasons to Start Selling eGift Cards

5 Reasons to Start Selling eGift Cards

It’s 2014. Your small business needs to start selling eGift cards online because your business is worth gifting. eGifting is viral, you should catch it and see your business grow in revenue, customers, and success. We will tell you the top 5 reasons you need to start selling online gift cards for your business below:

Free Online Gift Card Solution for Local Businesses

We all know how popular gift cards are. According to the National Retail Federation, gift cards have been the most popular gift choice for the past 5 years. In fact, my in-laws recently gave me one this past weekend to the oh-so-common, Bed, Bath and Beyond. No matter what occasion, gift cards have been the go-to gift for shoppers, especially those looking for a last minute gift due to their ease and convenience. Billions of dollars every year are spent on gift cards to established businesses like Starbucks, Amazon, Best Buy and many more. For the small-to-medium business, though, mass producing, packaging and selling plastic gift cards just isn’t realistically profitable. That’s where GiftFly comes in.

Social Media Day 2014

Mashable’s fifth annual Social Media Day was on June 30th, 2014 and GiftFly was lucky enough to join #SMDAY #Stamford Meetup at the Stamford Innovation Center sponsored by Pitney Bowes. Events started at 4:30pm including a wonderful and informative presentation, “LinkedIn: The Sales and Marketing Power Play” by Sandra Long, Owner of Post Road Consulting (slideshare below). We love days like Social Media Day because it helps small to medium sized businesses learn about and embrace the power of social media and online marketing. Social media has changed our lives and our mindset, so why not celebrate it on a special day every year as we at GiftFly like to say, “Every Day’s a Holiday!

Your New Favorite Online Gift Card Service Has Arrived!

Gift cards are a $100 billion-dollar industry for good reason: they are the primary present of the last-minute shopper, the go-to gift for the birthday forgetter and best option for when you have no idea what to get your mom for Mother’s Day. However, traditional plastic gift cards tend to get lost or forgotten and so we always leave cash left on them.

Enter GiftFly! is a new social and mobile online gift card service providing a long-awaited alternative to easily lost or forgotten plastic gift cards. Using GiftFly is quick and easy. First, choose a friend via Facebook, email, or text design their personalized gift card with any amount of money. Then after finding a local business using the built-in Yelp search tool, send the online gift card to a friend’s Facebook account, email address, or via text message. It arrives in seconds. Once the GiftFly gift card is received, the recipient can easily redeem it at a participating local shop using the GiftFly Code or as cash deposited directly into their PayPal or bank account instantly.

Online Gift Card

Custom Online Gift Cards to Local Places You Love!


Two types of cards are available: the Cash Card (which is one click redeemed directly to a PayPal or bank account), and the Merchant Card (which is redeemed at your local, favorite merchant). Gone are the days of finding a gift card for a narrow selection of businesses, loading it with money, sending it using old-fashioned stamps and snail mail, then hoping a friend or family member doesn’t forget yet another plastic card. GiftFly streamlines all those processes into a quick & easy 3-step action, which can be found at GiftFly gift cards are instantly sent and received, and also help cut down on plastic consumption by being environmentally friendly. GiftFly works for any business. For an online gift card solution to your favorite local business, GiftFly is your best bet.